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Town Hall To Halt Electronic Dance Music Culture in Topeka Kansas

[adsense]Topeka, Kansas – A new notice on Facebook warns residents of Topeka, Kansas that the growing new ‘dance culture’ would soon face ordinances and provisions that would ensure its demise.  Glory!

On February 27th, 2014, concerned citizens in the community have been invited to put an end to all the confusing and annoying EDM, dance club, drub and bassed and other “musical” genres that are promoting all sorts of wanton hedonism.

This notice was posted in the local news feed:

The dance culture in out state capital has simply gotten out of hand. Dance music has invaded all of our music. From country to pop, “Electronic Dance Music” has become a plague, leading to the over-sexualization of our youth, from “grinding” to under dressed teens.

As representatives of a true and righteous Kansas, one ruled by God and Family Values, we think it’s time we organized a movement to take back our bodies and our ears, and make sound moral decisions that ALL Kansas can get behind.

Act now, before more of these hideous acts are carried out under our noses, in our alleys, and in our homes.

Join us at 9 p.m. Feb. 27 at 1417 SW 6th Street in Topeka, Kansas, to help make the change our city, state and country desperately need.

God Speed.

For years I have preached and warned against the dangers of the dance culture. We all know the statistics: for every one dance party, 43% of attendees have the chance of catching pregnancy and over 80% will probably try the devil’s lettuce  for the first time. If that is not dangerous enough, the musicals of artists like Skrillex and the Jamba Man have been shown to have ties to the devil’s occult.

In my role as a Youth Pastor, I personally witnessed several dangerous new dances:  the krumpy krump, the hustle, the sissy walk, the stinky leg and the most provocative, the Go-Go Dance.  These are all dances that would make that young Miley Bieber performer blush in shame, because they are so intense and lude in sensuality.

If you are a parent, definitely forbid your child from getting involved in the new electronic dance culture.   It matters not if they are college aged, just threaten to stop helping them with tuition and car payments.  Sure, they will whine and cry when you lock them in their room, but tell them it is better than catching pregnancy and falling dead from a marijuana-ecstasy overdose.   Husbands and wives, beware too.  The dance culture knows no bounds and Satan knows how to whisper the beats to many different styles to entice your loved ones to visit his den of sin and then writhe their taut, muscular flesh in such ways that they arouse all around them.