Train Conductor Kicks Selfie Taking Teen in the Face

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews

selfie taking teen kicked in face

“Let’s take a selfie.”   If those words creep into your young mind, then let this video be a strong warning of how grizzled old men view selfie-taking.

The backstory to the image above involves a young man who for some reason, just had to take a selfie next to a moving train.  Of course, it is policy to indicate that you should never do anything next to a moving train, even if your Instagram or Facebook buddies will give you a ‘bounty of likes’ for doing so.

As the young man, purportedly Jared Michael, puts on his game face and prepares to get some footage, we see the train barrel by and from it, emerges a black, steel-toed working man’s boot.  With a coordinated kick that would have served an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger quite well, the train conductor nails Michael on the face.

In the full video there is an audible, “Wow that guy just kicked me in the head.  I think I got that on film!”

While is just doesn’t get any juicier than seeing the Selfie Generation getting the boot, it is very fortunate this young man was not injured.  For one, the force of the train could have pulled him back and under.  Two, at such velocity the conductor could have possibly caused him bodily harm or pulled him into the train.

Whatever the case, let this be a lesson.  The angry hand, or boot, of your elders can smack you at any time when you make a bad decision.

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