Underwater Japanese Crop Circles Caused by Pufferfish

Jen Thomas
• TopekasNews
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 Tokyo, Japan (TopekasNews) – Aside from being ridiculously cute and the inspiration behind Pokemon, the pufferfish has one other claim to global fame:  scaring Japan and baffling the science community for a day.

Last week, images showing bizarre yet exotic shapes appeared on several Japanese news websites, with captions that implied alien technology had visited the deep oceans of Japan.

Other theories said the ships leaving the tracks in the sand were not alien in origin, but rather part of a new Chinese fleet of warships that can launch from submarine depths into suborbital heights.

All these crazed theories aside, science has emerged victorious.  Several marine biologists were able to confirm that the crop circles of Japan are actually the product of the male pufferfish.

In a bid to attract female pufferfish, a male pufferfish must build an impressive home.   The male pufferfish in this instance had a penchant for the dramatic and an eye for impressive architectural design, as it’s certainly impressed this woman and many others worldwide.

Mystery of underwater Japan crop circles solved


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