Vladimir Putin Changes Russia’s Name Back to the USSR

[adsense]Moscow, Soviet Union –  Many Americans foolishly fell into a lullaby mindset that the Soviet Union died when the Berlin Wall fell and Soviet states gained autonomy.   Vladimir Putin’s recent actions in Crimea serve as a swift slap in the face to ideologues like Obama and company who thought it was a good idea to dismantle a missile shield aimed to deter Russian aggression in Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Already this week, Putin’s MP’s announced plans to sue Mikhail Gorbachev and bring him into state custody.  Putin is accusing the former Soviet leader of aiding and abetting America with the destruction of the Soviet Union.

Former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev (AFP Photo / Getty Images / Scott Olson)

Vladimir Putin is making plans to sue and ‘make an example of’ former Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who was instrumental in brokering an end to the Cold War, complying with Reagan’s call to end the conflict in Berlin, and allowing Soviet states to claim independence.

Gorbachev, who remains free at time of report gave a statement to media, saying, “‘I must be a hindrance for someone, the fact that over the last 20 days there were several reports about my death supports this allegation.” Gorbachev continued, “I do not react to such statements, I keep tending to my business and my health.

Gorbachev also reports that key members of Russian Parliament threatened to bring him ‘to answer for [his] crimes against the Soviet Union’ soon.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev today announced the Ukraine is in ‘the throes of a civil war’ and that Russia would have to expand military operations.

Ukraine formally responded by declaring war ‘on terrorists’, namely, Russians and sympathizers Putin is enlisting as ‘freedom fighters’.

Russia’s ambitions are aimed at reclaiming its former lost Soviet states.  German Chancellor Merkel predicted Putin was unstable and ‘in his own world’.  Vladimir Putin has mused to others that he seeks to reestablish the Soviet Union, by any means necessary.

Historians now predict the West may not choose to intervene in Ukraine via military, for it could incite World War III.  But the Ukraine government is already in a state of war and has deployed armored tanks, troops and aircraft and fired upon pro-Russian forces.  Sources in Moscow claim four ‘loyalists’ to Putin were killed and that reciprocation is pending.  The Kremlin has yet to issue further response.

Russia is also using its vast natural gas reserves as a weapon of expansion for its newly formed Soviet Union.

The Moscow Times confirms that Putin is ordering all Russian businesses to revert their names back to their Soviet-era names.

Current polls show the Russian people approve Putin’s invasion of Crimea by a 75% margin, and also wish for him to ‘restore the Soviet Union to its former glory’, according to interviews conducted of the populace.