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Vladimir Putin Rescues Dolphin in Black Sea

vladimir putin saves dolphin
vladimir putin saves dolphin

Vladimir Putin rescues a young, injured dolphin from the Black Sea.  Local reporters state the dolphin was being hunted down by a killer whale before Putin intervened and managed to rescue the animal from the ocean.

[adsense]Sevastopol, Crimea – reports Vladimir Putin is being hailed a hero once again.   The Russian president leaped into the Black Sea to save a baby dolphin that was being chased by a Mediterranean killer whale.

The backstory starts in the seaside town of Sevastopol, where Vladimir Putin arrived to access former Ukrainian naval military installations being altered and upgraded by Russian engineers.   During the assessment, a raucous on a nearby beach caught the attention of Vladimir Putin.

Locals say Putin came down to the public beach area and asked what all the fussing was about.   One young boy allegedly cried out, “There is a baby dolphin and a big black fish is trying to catch him and eat him.”  Putin borrowed binoculars from another nearby beach-goer and saw the scene for himself.

Without hesitating, Putin apparently slipped out of his business suit and down to his boxers and tshirt, immediately jumping into the frigid ocean and swimming in a straight beeline to where a wounded dolphin was seen thrashing and struggling in the distance.

“The great orca jumped 30 feet high into the air, trying to crash down on President Putin and the dolphin baby,” reported Dmitry Karilenko, who was also enjoying a day at the beach.

“President Putin held tight to the dolphin as the great wave from the orca’s splash carried him homeward.  With a few swift strokes of his arms, he reached the shallows and the orca gave up its attack.”

Locals reports Putin sat in the shallows of the ocea, gently rubbing water onto the dolphin as he wrapped a part of his tshirt as a tourniquet where the dolphin suffered a wound to its dorsal fin.

Putin ordered an immediate military escort for the dolphin back to the People’s Aquarium in Moscow.