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Vladimir Putin Taps Leonardo Dicaprio To Play “Young Putin” in Russia’s “The Wolf Of Russia”, Promises Russian Oscar Win


Moscow, Russia – Edward Snowden was just not enough.  Hungry for attracting young, smart Americans to Russia, Vladimir Putin struck yet another PR win by recruiting Leonardo DiCaprio to join the Russian Ministry of Cinema Arts and Sciences.

Over the week, Putin purportedly flew DiCaprio to Russia to compliment him on his performance in the Wolf of Wall Street and to console him for yet another Oscars loss.  Then Putin dropped a very big question.  “Everyone in the room but Leo knew it was coming,” said a source from Pravda.

Putin said the Ministry of Film sought to do a parody of sorts, where a young and overly masculine Vladimir Putin makes a historic rise as the nation’s leader.   Russian movie producers have already greenlit the movie as The Wolf of Russia and Putin said he would allow no one other than Leonardo DiCaprio to play a younger version of himself.

The offer came with a $30,000,000 (USD) check and it is not yet clear if DiCaprio will accept the role.  Putin wants filming of the movie to start immediately and has purportedly offered other incentives to Dicaprio, including an assured подкладка награда трофей (Nika Award Trophy, the Russian equivalent of an Oscar Award).