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WAR: China Moon Rover Shows Mushroom Cloud Over Europe!



New image from China’s moon rover shows mushroom cloud over Europe, a clear act of war and proof of why China wants a moon base:  communist world domination.

[adsense]Beijing, China – The worst of America’s Cold War fears is realized:  the moon is red with communism.  An anonymous user of internet website did surveillance work in China and published the shocking image you see above.

In China’s Imperial Space Museum, we can see a picture of the rover they sent to do scout work on the moon.  The undated photograph shows the rover, but the gem of this picture comes from the propaganda poster behind the technology.  Look closely: circled for emphasis is a mushroom nuclear explosion over Europe!

This can only mean one thing:  the Chinese government plans to build nukes on the moon, then rain death from above upon America and its allies.

Here is the photograph, sans red circle showing where China plans to make its first strike.



The irony here is that the European Space Agency, ESA, helped China’s space program and helped them land the rover on the moon.  NASA warned Europe it was a mistake, but now we are all paying the price.  China is truly a star empire and we can see their intention for landing on the moon is malevolent.

America has no choice but to consider this picture an act of war.  China is making plans to drop nuclear weapons upon our friends in Europe, and as we know, there is no nation on Earth who has the right to drop nuclear weapons on another country besides the United States of America.  Using the nuclear bomb is America’s God given right, since we invented it, and China has no business making intimidation shots like this.

Look at this evidence:

New Evidence A:

Image of the Chinese rover on the moon.  Notice behind the rover, to capsule shaped canisters.  These ‘canisters’ are actually classic Cold War era casings for hydrogen bombs.  So this rover can fire two hydrogen bombs wherever the Chinese want.  The technology looks Soviet, so great to see the Russians are helping attack.

New Evidence B: