What Happens When You Smoke Weed for the First Time?

Haywood Bynum III
Lifestyle Editor, Conservative Values Lobbyist • TopekasNews
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Marijuana Overdose: With marijuana, sometimes there is no ‘just try it one time’ because of all drugs, marijuana is the silent killer. A gateway to perversion and destruction, the devil’s sage will season your life with sin and lusts for savory passion, lusts that leave all its victims diseased, used and dead.

Marijuana is a violent narcotic that has soul destroying effects on unwary teens, and their hedonistic exploits enroute to the bottom.  With but one puff to the lip or injection in the arm, marijuana quickly clouds the mind and makes the suffers delusional and giddy, aroused and loose of morals. Over 80% of women prostitutes chose the profession because of marijuana.

And can you tell me that you think your precious child, your baby girl, would be happy exchanging the organic hemp pole of Satan for the disease-ridden flesh pole of some business man on the corner, just so she can get $5 bucks for her next fix?  It is a sad and vicious circle, my dear friends.

Is is raw.  It is without emotion.  It kills without discrimination.  It is marijuana.

And it may be coming to a body near you, or maybe you will be its next victim.

Those who smoke marijuana for the first time often wake up, panties missing and gonads musky with the forgotten exploits of the night before.  Their ravaged bodies are in panic, hallucinations and anxiety driving heart palpitations, stroke symptoms and a probable heart attack.

It is time for parents and youth to realize that marijuana is dangerous.  Marijuana kills.  And marijuana will destroy your life.

What happens if you smoke weed for the first time?  Let us use empirical science and find out exactly how the deadly herb can destroy not just your life, but that of those around you.

Marijuana Putting Humanity at Risk

[box_info]Vital Knowledge:  Marijuana Comes in Three Forms

Marijuana comes in three main forms.

1.  SmokeThe most traditional form of the dangerous drug.  The petals of the plant are wrapped into zipline paper, where the addict then uses fire to combust it and inhales the smoke from the reaction.  The effects are usually instant and permanent, red eyes, laziness and anger being the most common symptoms.

2.  Liquid MarijuanaLiquid marijuana is deadly.  It is usually combined with other substances like Kool-aide, Quaaludes and LSD, making ‘fruity cough syzurp’  common at raves and rainbow parties.  Also called Uncle Tweety’s Liquid Flipper, liquid marijuana can be drank, injected or rubbed into the skin, making it hard to find and confiscate if you have an addict child cornered in his or her room.

3.  Pills (Magic Mints) – Magic mints are cheap and can be bought at any hedge shop along the West Coast.  These suckable marijuana candies eat like a peppermint, but pack the punch of raw heroine.  The candies are the most likely variety to cause marijuana overdose, as their intense mint flavor (Salvia is in the mint family of drugs, hence the name) makes them particularly addictive for teens and diabetics.  Over 7/10 marijuana overdose death is due to magic mints.[/box_info]

In recent years, there has been a sharp rise in divorces.  And perhaps the most surprising thing, it is women who are doing the cheating and seeking out new companions.

In a study from Washington State University, Dr. A. Weisz and a group of graduate fellows conducted a statewide survey of pot users.  The data obtained starts to shed light on a growing problem in the bedrooms of America and help explain the higher rate of infidelity:  American men, especially in Colorado and Washington, have smaller girth and length for their male members.

When thinking about the facts from a logical stance, it is not surprising.  We all know that drugs such as steroids cause shrinking of the testis to occur, so why would heavy marijuana smoking not result in smaller, less-intense abilities of a man’s rod?

Most men who chronically smoke marijuana are insecure and angry, isolated and depressed.  After just one hit of the drug, the seeds of insecurity are implanted.  And after several more addicted hits, the shameful change in the pants occur.

Men who smoke marijuana usually do not have wives or girlfriends, therefore they tend to sit home all day, using all their energy on video games like Skyrim and World of Warcraft.  Sound familiar?

These men lose the will to compete, lose their jobs and sit around, taking care of their intense cravings for life with Doritos, fried chicken wings and copious amounts of Mountain Dew.  And when they realize they have wasted another day of their short life, they cry and smoke more marijuana to get to sleep.  Maybe they suckled the small pole of their dealer to afford their next hit.

Men who are addicted to marijuana are dropping out of the gene pool, making humanity less diverse and explaining why so many newborns are getting sick this cold and flu season.  To date, over 80% of American babies this winter have caught RSV or Influenza.

Men who smoke weed cannot please their wife and therefore, as proved by Charles Darwin, will not pass on their genes.  This means a smaller population of men in every locale, weed free, are cheating around with women and actually the fathers of the babies being born.  This smaller population of diversity leaves our genome open to attack from bacteria and virii.  With that understood, we can now look at how marijuana smoke impacts a baby getting a hit for the first time.


Most people would not believe this picture of a real-life baby who is addicted to weed.  But the story is sad and it is true.  It is the product of a new disorder called marijuana en-utereo syndrome.

Every baby who is exposed to marijuana smoke catches a disease known as Attention Deficit Disorder.  If the mother has injected liquid marijuana, or taken the capsule form (Magic Mints), the baby will get the evolved disease known as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Both of these disorders show the most dangerous thing about marijuana:  it will damage the brain.

The risk of having a deformed baby with a blunted mind increases 20-fold for women who smoke marijuana cigarettes. Babies with boofing mothers fail to realize that marijuana DNA can meld into human DNA, giving the baby a lifetime addiction and characteristics that are typical to a weed addict.

Male babies born with marijuana exposure suffer the worst of cognitive disorders. Some babies are just slow and impossible to teach: you may notice at the store or at your friend’s home, the children running around like mad monkeys escaped from a barrel. The children are inconsolable: they are flagrant and crude, smearing their fecal matter all around and failing to be potty trained within a year after birth.

These children express strong appetites for what Freud would only call perversion. They spend their entire childhood craving a suckle from their mother’s mammalian splendors, all the way up to 5 or 7 years of age. This ‘addiction’ to the woman’s body never stops. Even in adulthood, when they are married, they may sneak off to strip clubs because somewhere deep in their mind, it is the bosom of a woman that they used to cure their ‘munchies’ as a baby.

Studies show that over 83% of men who go to strip clubs as adults, were exposed to marijuana en-utero, or in the womb.

This goes to show that all male babies exposed to marijuana tend to grow up being sex addicts. The most notorious example is Bill Clinton. It is well known that in a rural Arkansas trailer, he was constantly exposed to beer and marijuana. While the beer had little effect on him, the marijuana caused him to do all the sick, sadistic things he did with that intern Monica Lewinsky. It caused him to cheat on his beautiful wife and nearly destroyed America.

I hate to terrify you parents with the statistics, but we must also review what happens to female babies exposed to marijuana. Just one hit of marijuana smoke in the womb gives your daughter a 40% greater chance of becoming a whore when she grows up.

I hate to put this statistic so bluntly to you, but it is what it is.  The cold, hard science behind it is heartbreaking.

Marijuana is the gateway drug to prostitution. In the womb, marijuana can cause a woman’s brain to be insecure and crave sexual encounters. As the woman grows older, she will develop an oral complex and endless need for male attention: by maturation, these traits lead to one likely profession.


As you read this, sleazy democrat lawmakers like Barney Frank are fighting to make marijuana and prostitution legal in America.  They are fighting for both at the same time, because they both to together like peanut butter and jelly.

When you think of a prostitute, you usually think of a woman holding a cigarette, impatiently waiting at a corner or dark alley.  She cannot stop her oral fixation, which was usually borne with her as she exited her mother’s well visited womb.

These traits are not the fault of the innocent child:  but usually, the mother or father who failed to keep the air of the home pure and safe.

Women who are prostitutes will always tell you one thing:  they were coerced into their lifestyle choice by marijuana.  And it matters not the upbringing:  you can be rich or poor, black or white.  If your child is exposed to marijuana, they will at some point crave to be a prostitute.

And fathers, your sons are no exception.  If your boy is in college or living somewhere in California, struggling for a dime, know that he is familiar with the knee-stocking flavor of a hairy-legged man in West Hollywood.

 Marijuana Binds the Dopamine Center


Marijuana binds the same dopamine reward-pleasure center as does alcohol and pheromones, which is why addicts are usually starving, in heat and violent.

Take your left hand and point it at the center bridges of your nose.  Then take your right hand, and point it to the central part of the side of your head.  The spot where to lines shooting from your hand would intersect is the brain’s dopamine reward center.

Marijuana has a high affinity for brain tissue.  This means the drug is addicted to the receptor terminals of the brain, the THC in cannabis out-competing the dopamine necessary for neural cells to fire signals.

Cannabis makes the brain lazy and not only that, begins to build crystal deposits.  If you look at someone who has smoked weed only once, you will notice they are groggy.  They are giggly.  They quickly lose all inhibition and cannot focus.

This is due to the marijuana crystals (THC) instantly binding the brain, leaving the victim smokee prone and vulnerable to those around them.  This is how teenage pregnancy at parties and gateway drug use usually occurs:  with one hit of marijuana, the body cannot think.  All defenses are down.

If you smoke marijuana for the first time, you will face a world of hurt and harm.  No age group is safe from the effects of the drug.  Addicts cannot understand why the drug is so bad, because their brain is marred by THC crystals.  Those of us lucky enough to avoid the smoke can only warn those who suffer from its addiction.

If you are pure, don’t let marijuana taint you.  As you have learned today, it is always deadly.  It can destroy you and turn you to a prostitute for flesh, life, thoughts and Satan, from the day you are born.



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