Why The Republicans Lost the 2012 Presidential Elections, and Will Continue to Lose

Sterling Manchester II
Political Analyst • TopekasNews
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“He’s the Muslim messiah!  The dark-skinned socialist that will use Soviet missiles to wage war on heaven!  He goes R. Kelly on the grave of Ronald Reagan!  He will take our guns and is a Kenyan!”

Those words above are overstated, but I am quite confident summarize that standard news feeds we all received from Fox News and its cabal of ‘journalists’ during the run-off between Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.  There are a breed of Americans who, quite frankly, are gullible, fear-driven and have the mind of a political zombie.

Politicians have the piper’s horn for these people and it is called fear-based propaganda.


So not only is our Harvard-educated president not the brightest, but he also is forcing New Yorkers to dumpster-dive after Hurricane Sandy.  And by golly, Hurricane Sandy sounds like Sandy Hook.  Obama must be involved in all those disasters for some evil agenda to take our guns and make Americans suffer.  Really?

Fox Nation

During the election, we all got to know the compassionate side of Mitt Romney after his 47% speech, where the presidential hopeful actually called half of Americans worthless and beyond hope.  Fox News ran with the theme, quickly saying these Americans were socialists and did not want to work.  Bill O’Reilly went as far as saying the ‘White Establishment’ of America was losing and fading, so the nation is doomed because lazy socialist minorities, especially blacks and Mexicans, are ruining everything.  This does not take into account that the majority of people receiving government benefits are Caucasian and that minorities, who have only had equality for around 60 years (since late 60s Civil Rights acts), are impressively gaining ground in employment, salary and high-end professional jobs.

Fox News headline:

Fox News headline:


And we get to my personal favorite, before I elaborate on point.

What most news agencies ran about the weakening dollar in 2011.  This was in the heights of Fox-news’ pre-campaign fear-mongering trail where the economy was perfect under President Bush, but only started tanking under Obama.

Actual news headline:

Fox News reports, in a page littered with articles implying Obama is solely to blame for America’s economic state.

Fox News headline:

During the last presidential debates, I was somewhat incorrect in my predictions.  I thought the GOP and Fox News would hammer away about China’s growing military threat and control of America’s economic future.  It would have hit home with Americans who were feeling  bad about our weak economy and wanting to have their husbands/wives/children home from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  America is weary and wanting to recover, not wanting to fight a war with China with a president who is supposedly Muslim socialist at the helm.

But instead, Republicans decided to focus on a played out theme:  Benghazi.  They skidded on the economy and tried to hanker down on Obama’s ability to fight the war on terror, the bread and butter of President Bush’s heavily asterisked defeat of John Kerry and Al Gore.  Mitt Romney lost the election the moment he walked into Obama’s snare trap on the subject, where the moderator corrected Romney when he incorrectly stated Obama didn’t recognize the new 9/11 attack as an act of terror.  Obama in fact did say that and it made Romney look ill-informed, desperate and off enough for Obama to win.  But the results were still close.

All through-out the campaign, Fox News did its best to fear-monger.  The entire birther issue, implications that Obama is a dog-eating Muslim, that he has a secret-Soviet agenda, that gays are going to ruin this nation and so on are things that would have worked, say, 10 years ago.  When Fox News was just introducing everyone to the 24/7 news format of pundits and George W. Bush was running for office, that type of claptrap worked perfectly.

But now, America has become desensitized.  The shock value of news headlines from these pundits are just not as shocking, it is making the nation think more objectively.  One can only scream ‘Wolf, wolf!’ for so long before everyone thinks, oh, it’s just that punk kid crying wolf again.  And sure, there will always be that one family running down from the mountains with their pitchforks and torches in hand, ready to hunt them some wolf, but in the long run –logic will rule out– and the majority of Americans will come to their senses.

I firmly believe we started to see that in the last election.  Colorado legalized marijuana:  many non-weed smokers yawned.  Sure, there are many up in arms over it (several members of this organization have done everything from prayed to God to strike Colorado to lobby in Washington to get the law federally overturned), but for the most part, America is letting it go.  Gay marriage?  Do not look for it to be federally prohibited for much longer.  It will become a universal right of every able-minded adult, no-matter what able-minded adult they want to marry.

And this is progress, this is the end our founding fathers saw when they sculpted the law of this nation.  Humanity has one redeeming quality:  we can learn from our mistakes and curb our emotions.  We are in a learning curve right now with instant digital media.  In time, we will learn how to filter our the new kids crying wolf and stick with quality journalism.  And this isn’t saying that Republicans are the only biased ones in the business, but just that Fox News is pure scum with its ‘news’ coverage.






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