Woman Poisons Boyfriend with Visine Eyedrops

Jen Thomas
• TopekasNews
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A 33-year-old woman from Pennsylvania woman admitted to poisoning her boyfriend with Visine eyedrops. The admission could land the woman with a sentence of life in prison. According to initial reports, the woman kept him poisoned to keep ‘his attention’.

The woman has been identified as Vickie Jo Mills of Ayr Township, Pennsylvania. Mills faces up to 10 counts aggravated assaults, 10 counts of simple assault and 10 counts of wreckless endangerment. The woman’s boyfriend, Thurman Edgar Nesbitt III, was allegedly being poisoned by Mills adding Visine to his coffee.

Complicating this story are reports that Mills and Nesbitt have a child together. Since 2009, Mills has revealed she poisoned Nesbitt’s coffee 10 to 12 times.

Nesbitt reportedly had various symptoms in this time, including nausea, vomiting, breathing issues and blood pressure crises. Nesbitt’s physician purportedly was alerted when he found up to 49 nanograms of tetrahydrozoline in Nesbitt’s bloodwork. Tetrahydrozoline is a chemical found in eyedrops. Police were also notified at that time.


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