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If A Woman’s Womb Is Already Owned By a 1) Fetus, 2) Her Husband, 3) The Government, Then Why Are Women So Upset over SCOTUS’ Hobby Lobby Decision to add 4) Her Boss?

womb rights
womb rights

Hello dear friends and readers, Haywood Bynum III here and I have one deeply pressing question on my mind today.

Since a woman’s womb is already owned by 1) a growing fetus (child), 2) Her Husband (should she choose to give up semi-sovereign rights when accepting a marriage proposal) and 3) the government, then why are so many women getting upset over the Supreme Court’s decision to add 4) Her Boss and put a corporation’s religious rights over a woman’s “reproductive rights”?

The first thing to establish here is one simple truth:  “reproductive rights” are a joke construct that stems from the crazy days of wanton women like Susan B. Anthony and Carrie Nation.   Women like those two trouble-makers gave birth to a very dangerous idea called ‘feminism’, which in its most primal, liberal form is truly a dangerous beast to have roaming around a modern society.

Uncaged feminism viciously tears through logic and morality, resulting in things like a president trying to force a moral company to support the carnal lifestyle of female employees who refuse to adhere to Judeo-Christian edict and treat their reproductive parts as sacred and all life as precious from the moment it is ordained.

At this point some wordsmith is likely trying to play the semantics game.  “But Haywood, in this tough economy, if a person is forced to work at a company with religious dictates and they tell women that contraception and abortions are against company religious beliefs, isn’t that forcing a religion on women by virtue of the law?” The correct is answer is yes.

And that law was upheld by the Supreme Court.  So my answer to that is simple:  if you do not like the laws of America, you CAN JUST GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY.


But when you give woman an inch, she will take a mile. She will take so many miles, however, that she’ll naturally get lost and out of her place.  This adage explains why clear, concise limits must be placed on the womb, or humanity could lose control of its future.

I have to pay increased taxes for Obamacare mooches and do not agree with it.  So women, guess what, surprise!  If you do not like the fact that a company cannot be forced to pay for you to have a wild, crazy lifestyle of abortion parties and Plan B cocktails, you better learn to deal with it, honey.  The Supremes have spoken and they have done the right thing this time.

Corporations should have a say in how the healthcare plan they are providing FOR YOU is being used.  Like it or not, your boss is part of you and your family.  Your company should have some say about what is happening in your womb.  When you need maternal leave, you are more than happy to tell your company.  Well, it is a two-way street.  When you have something medical happening to your womb, your company should have some say in the extent of ‘service’ it will provide.  Simple as.

So do not get upset, women.  4) The Boss, is a legitimate consultant in your reproductive health, along with the government, your growing child, your spouse (or significant other for those out of wedlock).  Remember, that the womb is a sacred place that not only belongs to you, its well-being and use impacts the life of many others, not just your own.