Yes, Gays Should Create Profiles and Date on ChristianMingle

Sterling Manchester II
Lifestyle Columnist • TopekasNews
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One simple shirt can strike discomfort into the heart of conservatives. What does this say about the modern GOP and its constituents?

Several days ago, one of my conservative colleagues had the gall to claim gay people were creating profiles on, in order to ‘tempt’ anyone they choose into steamy relationships borne of text based flirtations.

While the ire of Pastor Bynum is not shocking, given the history of his writings and sermons I’ve unfortunately endured, it is telling that conservatives really do have a sense of fear for the unknown. To me, it seems that it has become a modern tenet of the Republican party.

In recent times, we have seen our conservative compatriots drenched with a great amount of fear: just say ‘terrorist’, or “Chinese power economy’. They will cower and quake, somehow claiming that America was more safe against these things when President George W. Bush was in office. Erased from memory will be how inept the man was at his job and how he helped tank the economy, all while being the actual person in office during some of the most terse and tense relationships with countries who are apparently ‘the Axis of Evil’.

A further look back into time, we will see Conservatives beating their drums and running like people of ancient from Mount Vesuvius, worried their little world was going to be molten apart in the fiery fury of Hades, just because some children of color were allowed to attend their school. I am sure there were plenty of ‘Christians’ turning their nose up during the times of the Little Rock 9, maybe even turning off their old tv sets whenever the progress of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr was at bay.

How many detractors of the Little Rock 9 have came to accept the tides of egalitarianism that have so swiftly swept over the hearts and minds of Americans.

And before any detractors say anything, I understand that not all conservatives are bad people. Some have old values based off antiquated institutions supported by their fathers, grandfathers and so on. From the times I have spoke to Bynum on many different subjects and we have debated plenty on radio and off as you know, in his heart — like many Americans like him — he is a good person and hopes the best for this country. But I think his habits are a relic, a slow-moving stegosaurus sort of reminiscent of the lovable but dimwitted Spike from the Land Before Time. Grandparents will recognize that reference and smile, because it is simply true.

As modern culture evolves and we progress as beings who walk upright, letting our lives be dictated by logic, by reason, by freethinking and by science, there are others who will drown in the suffocating ashes of ignorance. It is through time and discussion, and sometimes through will of all Americans, that we can even introduce these people to change.

Only one day ago, as a nation, we elected a very smart, highly educated black man to be President of the United States, for the second time.

A beautiful woman of color at his side, proudly looking on, President Obama swore to lead this nation of Americans on a day we reserved to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King.  Only 45 years after King was assassinated, we as a nation are able to elect a black family into the White House.  Do not give me gruff about ‘well Obama is only half black’.

The ‘are you black’ test goes like this.  If Obama was wearing a hoodie, was not a Harvard-educated president and holding up a gun in a convenience store, how would the news media report him if they were on the lookout?  “A black man”.  Obama is therefore a black man, by cultural definition.  There is not one media outlet that would say, “Well, he is a multicultured man of Caucasian and African ancestry.  Back to you, Bob.”

Barack Obama is a black man by our modern definition, and his beautiful wife and daughters are of the same.  And we, as America, have progressed so far in 45 years that another great man gave his life fighting for equality, could actually have what must have been his ultimate dream and sign of progress realized.  People of all color and gender turned out to support Barack Obama, over half the nation voted for him during a very interesting and media biased presidential polling season.  This could not have occurred if some Christian conservatives and most likely people who 45 years ago, did not really support change, did not vote for Obama.

It is my firm belief that over time, logic hits even the most slow-witted people against change deep in the gut and heart.  Perhaps he was an opportunist, or perhaps I am right, but even Governor George Wallace — the once white-cone hat wearing steward of hate who dared call himself Governor of Alabama and fought integration — became a great advocate of integration and equality by the end of his career.

I am inclined to think that in time, gay Americans will enjoy what we are seeing right now with things like Obama’s inauguration.  I remember the days when Ellen DeGeneres had a sitcom removed from television, because she ‘came out’ and advertisers were afraid too many Americans would be upset over it.  Now, only two decades later, Ellen has an hour where she proudly sits as one of the most popular talk show hosts of our time.  The Ellen Show is loved by many and no one cares that she is a lesbian and her wife is beyond attractive to any gender.

To me, the ultimate test of America’s future and success as a progressive nation will be when we have an openly LGBT politician, being judged not for his or her personal preference, but instead for the content of character.  In modern media, gay people are generally accepted.  How many sitcoms, talk shows and such do we have openly gay people, being quite successful and Americans do not care.

And there will come a time when dinosaurs of men will come to realize, ‘Hey, that gay guy over there does not necessarily want to scheme some way into my backside or to destroy Western civilization.’  I think it will start with gay marriage in all states, and end with a generation of Americans who do not flinch when they meet someone who is transgender or a gay couple.  It will be just like meeting anyone else, but perhaps with a more unique life experience to share.

So yes, there are gay Christians and if they want to meet up, why not use dating sites?



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