Zelda Announced Smash Bros Wii U, Can Use Armor As Weapon

Sherry O'Reilly
• TopekasNews
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Princess Zelda of the Legend of Zelda series was confirmed as the next playable character in Nintendo’s hit Smash Brother’s series.

While promotion shots of Zelda look stunning in the Wii U gaming engine, the biggest talk is part of the character’s new moveset.

Here we can see Star Fox is rabid in anger, unable to use his cheap reflecto-shield to counter Princess Zelda’s awesome suit of armor, first scene in the title Spirit Tracks for the Nintendo DS.  We can also see the enhanced action streaks of gold, indicating the strength of the attack on an opponent.

It is not immediately obvious if Zelda can use this move in lieu of her standard ‘let’s pull Toad from under my dress’ routine, or if this is a Party Ball smash attack, but whatever the case, it is pretty awesome.  And for all the Zelda players out there, every advantage will be needed when looking at the move-sets of new characters like Megaman and WiiFit Trainer.


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