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Las Vegas Lawyers Accuse Michael Jackson’s Hologram of Indecent Diddling in 1997


[adsense]Las Vegas, Nevada  – Only hours after his worldwide debut at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, Michael Jackson’s hologram has been accused of having improper relations with an unnamed sitcom celebrity that started in 1997.   Las Vegas lawyers have filed claims against Michael Jackson’s hologram that seek settlement of $40 million USD.

The unnamed celebrity stated that everything started when Michael Jackson’s hologram first made an appearance, via VirtualReality helmet, in 1997.  The hologram allegedly used ‘traumatizing’ dance moves hat damaged the ‘mind, spirit and heart’.

Lawyers state that their client feels his sitcom being cancelled and 16 years of drug abuse, bankruptcy and failure to land another acting role all started with the time with Michael Jackson’s hologram.

“When I saw the Michael [Jackson’s] hologram dancing on-stage, just so care free and being adorned by masses, all the feelings of hurt and despair came flooding back.  I just knew the only way I could feel better was to go public now and make him feel my pain, by paying a good chunk of all the money he’s going to make with his holographic world tour.”

Las Vegas lawyers say that they feel other victims of the Jackson Hologram will likely come forward, their brave stories being leaked by a Fox News vowing to make “Wacko Jacko II” be exposed to ridicule as they seek his settlement claims.

“It’s just like the Spiderman movies, when J. Jonah Jamison is forced to be nice to Spiderman.  We’ve had to do that so long after Jacko’s death, so it’s nice to be able to accuse him of these things again.  It will be great for ratings,” one source at Fox News reported under condition of anonymity.

Sources close to Jackson’s Hologram state that the allegations are absolutely ridiculous, as the Michael Jackson Hologram did not exist in 1997 and that technology allowing for his level of performance is cutting edge, hardly even possible with the world’s most powerful programming and computers in 2014.

“It is just another media frenzy driven money grab,” the source reported.