Obama Caught Partying In Vegas, Instead of Solving Fiscal Cliff

Haywood Bynum III
Conservative Voice of Reason • TopekasNews
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Las Vegas, Nevada – As our nation approaches and faces the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’, the elected leader of the nation was allegedly caught partying it up in Las Vegas last night.  An anonymous source sent this image to my email today and it sent shock waves through my circle of colleagues.  In America’s darkest hour, Obama proves that he just cannot be trusted.

And Obama legion of misfit supporters can simply agree to disagree on this one, because the White House will try to bury the truth under a debt mountain’s worth of lies, false promises and glimmering gold that got Obama reelected in the first place.  Do you really agree with a president, who while the nation is on the brink of economic ruin, gives a pay raise to Joe Biden, his cronies and the Congress who is failing to act?

Before leaving Washington D.C. yesterday, Barack Obama issued a cumulative $11 billion pay raise to all executive federal workers.  Look at the big numbers:

When Congress comes back from its break this spring, every member will be making $174,900.  If you failed to meet a deadline at work and put your company into economic ruin through inaction, then took a three month vacation while everyone suffered the consequences, would you come back to a pay raise?  Apparently, this is how Obama thinks things are supposed to operate.

Why does Joe Biden deserve $231,900 this year?  There is surely a Hurricane Sandy victim family of hardworking parents and struggling children who could use that $231,900.  We are already paying for Joe Biden’s rent, his food, his travel and his clothing.  The man can go without that money this year and if he had any decency, he would set an example and write out a check for that exact amount to an America family who is struggling.

Every member of Congress should reject their pay raises.  They have failed our country and have not earned it.   Even our federal justices should join suit and encourage Congress to stop taking pay raises, when they fail to do their jobs.  In all honesty, there should be a state-wide voting system that approves of Congressional pay and if they deserve raises.

I can guarantee you, the vote would be 50 states in favor, and 50 states against saying ‘Nay!’ to increasing the pay for these non-working, getting a raise while the rest of America suffers, bums.  And this is not about the tax issue anymore, either.  If Obama is going to come after my family for making over $250,000 a year, fine.  My wife just does surgery every day, it is not like she really is earning that paycheck.  And me, I am just a lowly columnist, parishioner and lobbyist who fights daily to keep the federal government decent.  And Congress taking a pay raise right now, and even worse Obama dealing a gold like a Vegas pimp to his little harlots is frustrating.

Now, you finally see the analogy.  What are you going to do with it?  Hopefully, you will join us in sharing the numbers and questioning a group of Washington elite who really are sticking it us to us.  I am absolutely upset and nearly shocked that Obama, of all people, would happily give out this pay raise.

The numbers will cost you $11 billion dollars, all so Congress and the White House, who have failed us, can have a more lush lifestyle, we are going to soak in another $11 billion dollars of debt.  How many students are broke and struggling to pay off loans, because they cannot find a job after college?  How many families of two hardworking parents cannot afford to send their kids to school, or buy them things like a used car to get around?  How many soldiers have returned from Iraq with injuries, now struggling to work and live off a military retirement?

I am sure that $11 billion dollars can be going elsewhere than the do-nothing Congress and helping China’s hold over our economy grow stronger.


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