Pope Summons Force Lightning At St Peter’s Basilica, Makes Atheists Cower Worldwide

Casey McKnight
• TopekasNews
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pope summons force lightning

As an atheist, let me say that I am scared of the Pope.  From the image above, I can see my suspicions that the Papacy has spent centuries perfecting their mastery of arcane sciences and knowledge withheld from us mere plebs is confirmed.  Deep in my heart I always knew the plot and circumstances of Star Wars were just too plausible, as if there was some gritty reality to a world where a secret class of humans had something — call them midichlorians — that allowed them to manipulate universal forces in ways seemingly impossible.

When I first heard Saint Peter’s Basilica was struck by lightning, moments after the Pope’s resignation, I thought “Oh, great!”  We will have to deal with long-winded right wing debates on this being a sign of God.  But not until I saw the source of the lightning, a vigorous old man who is feigning fraility and illness,  the ‘reality’ of our existence and the true power of the Church became apparent.  My friends, the legendary George Lucas was on to something.

Much like another great bard, William Shakespeare, George Lucas could not outright say, “The Popes and their cardinals are powerful men, men beyond the power of mere mortals.  They possess within them a force that allows them to perform supernatural acts and miracles.”

George Lucas instead boiled down the story of the powerful popes, the antipopes and what it means to us in his legendary film series, “Star Wars”.  The parallels between Star Wars and Catholicism is something not newly explored, but today’s sample of Pope Benedict manipulating physics to cause a dramatic lightning strike at the moment of his resignation is significant if not outright terrifying.

Simply put, The Popes of history are akin to Jedi, while the Anti-Popes are akin to The Dark Side, or post-modernism.  Pope Benedict XVI is technically an anti-pope, his namesake and Germanic ancestry being more similar to the Avignon popes, if not by namesake alone.  In our post-modern world, there is no big schism over lineage, but rather if the Pope was elevated to status by the process of Conclave and unction of spirituality to the involved cardinals.

Mere Man or Greatly Powered?: In this image, Pope Benedict XVI manifests what George Lucas monikered “Force Lightning”, that is, the ability to cast lighting from one’s body or from the heavens.

While skeptics like myself, my colleagues and perhaps yourself may be inclined to brush off anything implied to be supernatural, much like Chris Nolan furiously wagging his hands to ward off the word ‘comics’ in directing a Batman movie, there have been numerous examples of Pope’s displaying great power, beyond that of normal men. George Lucas explored the topic of ‘Force Ghosts’.  Beyond the grave, is there a way to keep our essence — in an energy form — alive, well and conscious?  From a scientific standpoint, such things would seem like nonsense. But there is a connection between matter and energy:  we see it in light.  Can a human transfer his or her consciousness to an energy state, simply discarding our ‘flesh’ capsule? Such thoughts would seemingly have a religious connotation, but then again all that exists can eventually be explained by science.  I posit a simple thesis:  the Catholic church, specifically the Popes, are privy to a bit of knowledge the rest of us are not.  All the pomp, circumstance and ritual is a fancy way of them telling us they are sitting on the world’s biggest secret. Let’s look at some empirical evidence and provocative thought.  These matters will show George Lucas’ prescient ability to make the knowledge of the Church’s hidden schemes mainstream, while keeping it subtle enough to not fall to retaliation.  It will also make you see that this is all plausible. Force Ghosts George Lucas eased us to the concept in a friendly way, making it seem plausible that yes, humans or ‘someone in a galaxy far, far away’ could eventually reach a point to transfer their consciousness to energy.  Many global philosophies explore this concept and it is impossible to say it is impossible, just that it is improbable given our current understanding of reality.

We all know and love the screenshot above.  But what about after Pope John Paul II passed away, a man to be considered ‘The Pope among popes’, is that many claim he came back and manifested himself.

Through the centuries, the Church has documented many miracles.  As skeptics we tend to laugh and brush them off, being more convinced of a glowing eyed Go’auld on Stargate:SG1, but there comes a time when we must seriously consider that even which we find preposterous.  There was something sincere, emotional and forceful about the lighting strike at Saint Peter’s that has me convinced that Pope Benedict is more than meets the eye.

Sure, call it silly, but there is no denying that Pope John Paul II’s miracle of healing a woman from Parkinson’s disease is widely known, scientifically verified (thought who gets the credit remains in question) and was the basis on which he was made a Saint.

And there may be those who think, “If the Pope is so powerful, then why is he ailing and crippling around”.  I’ll leave you with another image set to get you thinking:

Pope Benedict XVI is helped by assistants as he celebrates the Vespers and Te Deum prayers in Saint Peter's Basilica at the Vatican on December 31, 2012

Master actors:  To the left, Pope Benedict hides his true power by having two assistants help him down the stairs.  To the right, Yoda suppressed his true abilities and slowly walks on a cane, grunting and idling about before a showdown with Count Dooku.  In both accounts, the Pope and Jedi master have abilities beyond that of normal men, and will only put them on display when the time calls for it.  With great mastery, George Lucas caught this dogmatic trait of Papal tradition on screen.

And when his hand is forced, Jedi Master Yoda (the avatar for the Pope) shows a hidden ability:


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