Gay People Finding Boyfriends on ChristianMingle?

As I perused the internet in my duties as cultural protector, I came across a very interesting thread on internet website Reddit.com.  A poster’s good friend had bought himself a new shirt, heralding his new success with dating website ChristianMingle.com.  The shirt clearly reads ‘I met my boyfriend on ChristianMingle.com’ and for us stewards of morality, this should be seen as an ultimate danger.

A good friend of mine lost his wife about ten years ago.  After much convincing, he finally went back onto the dating scene and has been using ChristianMingle.com to find a new mate that God will eventually introduce him.  But now he has to take great care, because the person he is meeting online, sharing juicy details about his life, heart and soul, may be dancing the fandango and grooming him for a homosexual encounter.

When they meet for the first date, the big reveal will be that he’s fallen in love, online, with a man?  How confusing would that be, to find out you fell in love with someone from the same gender, just based on their conversation, humor and details of their life over time.

Christians need a safe place to date and now that there is more temptation for homosexuality on ChristianMingle, only time will tell the true effects.