Scientists Finally Confess Tyrannosaurus Rex Not Real, Evolution A Hoax

Tyrannosaurus ティラノサウルス

Tyrannosaurus statue at the Musuem of Natural History is a fake, used for years to the undereducated into believing in evolution.  ティラノサウルス (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For far too long, radical scientists have presented an absurd theory that trillions of years ago, a magical ‘big bang’ came from nowhere to create fantastical creatures that soared the skies on leather wings and stood over 40 feet tall!  Scientists are actually selling these tall tales off to children in schools, perpetuating the false theory of evolution and selling it with a ‘whoa, cool!’ factor when they talk about all the crazy mutant reptiles they call ‘dinosaurs’.

Well, all their lies are starting to finally unravel.

The tooth fairy is a fantasy make-believe.  Santa Clause if a fantasy make-believe and right up there with Saint Nick, we can add Tyrannosaurus Rex.  To me, it is absolutely alarming and preposterous to think a creature could grow over 60 feet tall with teeth 10 yards wide, wildly slashing through ancient jungles to hunt whatever prey it desired.

It is good to see scientists finally backpeddling and confessing these creatures are just all made up.

[adsense]When you look at skeletons of Tyrannosaurus Rex, running around with scrawny undersized arms on a huge body, you can see from even a Darwin evolutionist perspective, the creature is not ‘fit’ nor naturally selected to be the best.   Any scientist or teacher who groomed generation after generation of children to believe such a fantasy creature was the dominant apex predator of the “Jurassic Age’ should be ashamed of himself or herself, respectively.

Much like the triceratops, which scientists confessed was a ‘fake’ last month (based off Hanna Barbara’s torosaurus cartoon), again, the T-rex is also a fake, again a dinosaur whose origins actually started with a cartoon character.

siats-tyrannosauroids-dinosaur--s451x600.jpgThe creature you see pictured at left is called a Siats meekorum (pronounced See-atch).  Two friends from Utah designed this creature to be entertainment for children.  It was originally called the ‘sasquatchosaurus’, just like the Sasquatch monster from folklore fame.

Scientists realized that to make the creature hip and not look like a carnivorous street rat escaping the sewers of Manhattan, they would have to give it an image that screamed ‘cool’ and as such, they turned it from a mammal into a leathery reptile.  What young boy doesn’t like snakes?

So that is how we ended up paleontologists forcing rocks together in awkward formations to create the skeleton for what they call the Tyrannosaurus rex.

The National Geographic shows the study, where scientists finally confess T-rex was never the dominant predator and Dino Sasquatch here is the original concept of the fabrication.

For those of us in the know, all of this is just crazy.  The Earth was created 6,000 years ago, it is proven right in the opening chapter of the Bible.  There is no way an animal like this could have fit in the ark or would not have wiped humanity out on day one of Adam’s existence.

It is sad to see that all these animals people have been hardwire programmed to believe are false and scientists are confessing it, but still refuse to redact their theory of evolution and just let creationism be taught in public schools like it should be if children are to really understand the basic science of the universe.