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Barack Obama Caught Kissing Poster of Vladimir Putin


[adsense]This undated surveillance photograph truly breaks my heart.  Somewhere in Eastern Europe, we can clearly see Barack Obama is caught paying homage to fellow socialist Vladimir Putin.

I can only hope this photograph is from before Putin tried to bring un-freedom to Crimea, because a good president like George W. Bush would have already hired Sarah Palin as Secretary of Defense and we would be shining up our holy missiles to scare the Russians away from allied lands of freedom.

I’m sure Obama likes Putin because they agree on communist things like Obamacare, no Cola in public schools and decreasing America’s military power, but to actually kiss the poster like this shows Obama is more a fan of Trostsky and less a fan of Laisses-Faire Reaganomics, which is capitalism in its purest and most American form.

The people of Ukraine are surely living scared tonight, as they know their powerful American allies are lead by someone who kisses posters of Vladimir Putin.  What a world, what a world.