Giant Fukushima Mutant Dog Wows Social Media

David A Hearst II
• TopekasNews
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japanese dog


Picture of a giant Fukushima mutant dog has wowed social media.  According to various sources, the dog was bred in Japan using in-vitro techniques.  The gametic maternal cells were infused with Fukushima irradiated male DNA, then the eggs were grown in vitro.  The result of the experimentation resulted in the giant dog above, which Japanese scientists are calling 巨大な犬, which translates to Kyodaina inu or Inukyodaina, ‘giant dog’ in English.

The giant dog is said to be very gentle, but does not respond very quickly to commands.  To date the dog is still growing and scientists are not exactly sure what its maximum expected height or weight will be.  The dog is being stored at a joint Japanese-German research station near Tokyo.  Some activists are expressing concern that nuclear radiation can cause a dog of this size and magnitude.


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