Fukushima Godzilla Creature Spotted off Radioactive Japanese Coast

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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Scientists at the World Nuclear Commission announced the nuclear sludge runoff contained DNA altering properties, putting residents immediately outside the Fukushima region on high alert for the unnatural.

Fukushima, Japan (Yomiuri Shinbon) – Only days after the World Nuclear Commission found the Fukushima nuclear reactor producing an unprecedented 300 metric tons of irradiated water a day, residents living outside the contaminated area have reported an increase of ‘winged lizard dragons’ emerging from marshy, wooded areas near their homes.

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Fukushima leaks will keep fisheries closed


Amid scares that fisheries would be contaminated with DNA-altering nuclear runoff, Japan demanded all businesses on its Eastern coast close down until scientists could estimate a new spill radius.

Some researchers estimate that the increase rate of nuclear spread and radiation levels may have gone undetected for over a year, giving more credence to stories of Japanese locals reporting ‘new, mutant creatures’ preying upon livestock and appearing in the remote countryside.

Among the most prominently reported is a new ‘Fukushima creature’ which locals claim to look like a ‘large monitor lizard on four legs’ to ‘upright and looming, like a smaller Godzilla’.  Several residents of Fukushima are uploading photographs to Yomiuru and claiming to have captured the creature on film.

This undated photograph from Fenyoshi Hashison was taken with a self timed camera, outside the Fukushima region.  Fenyoshi claims he heard rustling behind him and thought it was the wind.  When he developed this photograph, he ‘nearly fainted’.

Coastal resident Akimo Fokuyati captured a winged ‘monitor type lizard’ on a security camera in his backyard.  Fokuyati claims that several of the creatured, two of them winged, regularly approach his property and he feeds them processed poultry out of fascination.

Reports of increased runoff from the reactor continue to come in from Japan.  Japanese officials have not responded to queries regarding reports of these mutant creature at time of report.


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