Pentagon Detects Nuclear Russian Spy Ship Near Florida Coast


 [adsense]Florida, United States – A Soviet-era submarine is parked off the Florida coast.  The Pentagon announced it has been monitoring a nuclear-powered Russian submarine and tug ship operating off the United State’s coast for several weeks now.

The intelligence-gathering ship also made rounds to the Gulf of Mexico and along the U.S. East Coast.

Lt Col. Tom Crosson is reports, “We are aware that the Russian ships Viktor Leonov and Nikolay Chiker are currently operating in waters that are beyond U.S. territorial seas but near Cuba.  We respect the freedom of all nations, as reflected in international law, to operate military vessels beyond the territorial seas of other nations.”

Russia recently conducted a war-preparedness exercise, where 10,000 Russian troops and thousands of military vehicles performed drills aimed at determining Russia’s ability to strategically deploy troops and respond to nuclear actions.


Russian spy ship

Officials suspect Russia is spying on a U.S. nuclear missile base in Georgia at King’s Bay.  The U.S. Naval Station may also be the victim of Russian spying.

While the actions of Russia are alarming, the Soviet-era ships stayed just inside of international waters.

News of the Russian submarine docked near the US Coast comes at the same time Britain’s Royal Air Force reports one of its fighter jets engaged two Russian bombers, which were flying into United Kingdom airspace.

UK sources reveal the bombers were likely Tuplev Tu-95 Bears, which were engaged in a ‘bomb strafe’ pattern near the coast of Northeast Scotland.

commies attacking british allies

Caught in the Act:  Royal Air Force pilot took surveillance photograph of Russian bomber flying near the coast of Scotland.  The RAF pilots managed to chase the bombers away from UK airspace early Saturday.

British officials note the aircraft which defended British airspace was a Typhoon fighter, launched from the RAF Leuchars in Fife.  Additional airfcraft were on standby with orders to destroy both bombers at a moment’s notice.

The Netherlands also report two Russian planes entered their airspace earlier in the week.  After Dutch fighter jets were scrambled, the Russian planes retreated from Dutch airspace.

Officials believe the Russian military is probing the response time of various nations to unexpected aircraft incursion, an alarming sign of fears that Russian President Vladimir Putin may seek an expanded war in Ukraine and further incursions into Eastern Europe.

Tensions are further increased by reports of a Russian warship operating off the coast of Britain.  The Royal Naval Destroyer HMS Dragon has been deployed and is actively tracking the Russian warship, which is staying just in the bounds of international waters but looming ominously close to Britain’s sovereign coastal space.