Bright Light (UFO) Spotted Over Malibu, North Koreans To Blame?

Haywood Bynum III
• TopekasNews
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meteor or ufo over malibu
Another ‘unexpected meteor’ flew over the skies of Malibu, making Malibu locals flee in horror while students at Pepperdine University wondered if the rapture had come.  Us smarter folk out East, however, recognize this is a probable extension and statement of North Korea’s growing power.

Red Dawn 2012 was prescient if it was not horrible, as it shows what the world will be like if North Korea manages to invade a small, West-coast American town like Malibu.  How will America handle one of its cities being held hostage?

The ‘meteor’ is the second one to fly over an advanced nation in less than several weeks, the first being the missile like object that devestated the Ural region of Russia.  The Soviet’s top military officials declare that the object was a ‘projectile’ and they have never come right out to state that it was a meteorite.  Some Russian officials went as far as to blame America for conducting advanced weapons testing at their expense.

But in all of this conflict, there is one nation smugly taking partial credit:  North Korea.  In the past several months, North Korea has vowed to destroy South Korea, America and any allied nations to either.  Why is no one taking these threats seriously?

Kim Jon-Un has overseen the development of three nuclear weapons, each growing in destructive magnitude.  North Korean scientsts have skyrocketed in their abilities to build ICBM capable technology, begging the question if China is supplying scientific aide to the third-world nation.

Whatever the case, the streaking object was not predicted by NASA and is unlike anything seen over America’s coast.  The homeshot photo from a user of Instagram is the first known instance of the space object, which judging by its chemical trail, appears to be more of a rocket.

Emergency personnel was mum on the subject, perhaps not wanting to give into growing concern and speculation by the public.  CBS News reports that LA officials reported no ‘signs of emergency’ during the object’s appearance, but refused to addressed the question:  What is it?



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