Is This What Happens When You Smoke the Devil’s Lettuce?

Sterling Manchester II
• TopekasNews
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Local Topeka area Baptist Pastor Haywood Bynum III is now claiming that a group of people smoking ‘the devil’s lettuce’ strain of marijuana, in Brazil, were mutated into the deformity scene here.

The Christian right’s eternal war on marijuana came to a head this past week, when Topeka Fellowship Baptist Bible Church parishioner Pastor Haywood Bynum III delivered a televised sermon, in which he claimed that ‘there are kids in Brazil smoking Devil’s lettuce marijuana, it has seeped into the DNA God put into their body and made them walking abominations.”

According to several corresponding bloggers on, Bynum then gave the signal for his video tech team to show the image at right on the church’s overhead projector.

The response was shocked amongst many in the church, according to Topeka native Peggy Bright who attends services there as a requirement for her senior thesis in sociology at Washburn University.

But as Bynum continued his sermon, many in the congregation continued to listen and verbally interject agreement, reports Bright on the scene.  There was not any question in their mind that down in Brazil, there are villages full of poor teenagers who just smoked this greatly evil marijuana and now their heads will slowly wilt away.

The radical right’s war on drugs has seen increased movement this past year, after Colorado passed legislation that legalized marijuana.







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